The One Sacred Pause Podcast Seasons 1, 2 + 3 are available on iTunes, Spotify, Pod Bean, and wherever you listen to podcasts! From my heart to yours, please enjoy these authentic conversations that are designed to inspire your minds, your hearts, your bodies, and your spirits! 



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One Sacred Pause is the passion project of yoga teacher Jessica Winderl, and is the embodiment of what she considers to be the essence of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, rituals, and our most vital humanity. It provides a creative platform for radical self-inquiry, reflection, and mindful observation of this experience of being human, while activating the intention of spiritual development.

We host the yoga podcast “One Sacred Pause”, offer recorded audio meditations, and are currently writing a how-to manual titled Meditation for the Modern Mystic.

The light-hearted and upbeat “One Sacred Pause with Jessica Winderl” podcast launched early August, 2018, and is focused on the Scandinavian communities of yoga, wellness, and meditation, but is relevant to yogis all over the world. It is designed to bring real and raw dialogues about spirituality into the forefront of living our yoga off the mat. We ask the question: who could you be if you got still enough + quiet enough to listen to the wisdom within?

One Sacred Pause is a community of like minded individuals who come together to honor the creative energy of Shakti, and is a curated source for yoga, meditation + ayurvedic alchemy. It is a resource that provides tools for your wheelhouse of self-healing. We are all about a spiritual revival and cultivating a stronger connection to a deep-seated intuition, which becomes the guide for all our actions.

That is all it takes- one sacred pause– to open to the possibility of transformation. A split second to make a choice to change course and engage self-reflection, self-actualization, and new ways to find a deeper understanding of  self and your role in the greater community.

It is the pause between the inhale and exhale. The pause between the chain reaction of thought, judgement, and inner self-dialogue. The pause between the observation and the action. Can we slow down enough, get still enough, get quiet enough, and get intentional enough to listen fully and see clearly ?. This is what yoga, meditation, and ayurveda teach us- how to deepen our connection to Source and to recognize the Divine within.

We have the power to re-write our story when we are seated in a deep commitment to health, wellness, and transcending the boundaries of perceived limitations.

Meditate on how you can wander free along the boundaries of everything you know to be true, while drawing on the strength and stability of the familiar. Feel rooted and secure, even as you explore the outer limits of your reality.

Join us in our vision to create more compassion and understanding in our world through the exploration of the power of One Sacred Pause.